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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birchbox March 2013 + review

 I was super excited when I saw the products that Birchbox was sending in their boxes this month. Really wanted to try the MAKE products and the Incoco Nail Apliques. But, ever since I saw how heavy my box was 0.39lb, I knew things were not going to be as I expected. When I picked my box up after getting it in the mail, it was super light, which  is not a sign of good things.

This can't really be sports related, because it's a beauty box, but either way I couldn't care less about basketball! 

I opened my box I saw this, so far it wasn't exciting. The only thing that looked nice was the Wish product, though later I discovered it wouldn't work for me.

Inside the pouch I got a Twistband and Evologie Serum. Doesn't this box look kinda sad? D:

Madewell for Birchbox Nail Emery Board:$5. This is JUST a nail file, I mean, they come in handy, but it's just a file, nothing else. I have a crystal file (that I stepped on and snapped in half, but I still use it), so I don't really need a file. $5 seems like just too much for a file, I guess because of the "brand" they can just price stuff however they want, lame... Of course I wasn't trilled by this, even if it looks cute, because, well because it's just a file!

Wish Shave Crave Shaving Cream in Blueberry: $2.93 for 22ml/.75fl oz, full size goes for $20 and is 150ml. When I got my box I could smell this without even opening it. A lot of people said they were excited to get it and it has a decent review on the Birchbox site, but the scent is just way too strong for me, so sadly I won't be able to use it. I could risk it, but when I get a headache or get dizzy from a scent it takes forever to go away, so I better just pass. If it would've been unscented or with something more subtle, I would've loved to try it out. Oh well... By the way, the Blueberry scent is a Birchbox shop exclusive, you can find other scents like Pomegrante, Lavender and Almond on the Wish website.

Twistband Headband: $3.16, Birchbox sells a pack of 6 for $19. Mine is silver and really cute, sadly I must have a gigantic head, because this doesn't stay put, like ever! Also, I get a major headache because it tries to squeeze my brain! Which of course will not stop me from wearing it because it's cute! I sported a princess roll over the weekend and got a bunch of compliments, it's an easy do and really cute. You can learn how to do it here. Now, just because I like it, I don't like the fact I got it in my box, it's just some pretty elastic, that was tied at the end and branded. I can get 1 Yard for $1.99 at Joann.

Benefit - Stay Don't Stray: $6.50 for 2.5ml/0.09usfloz, full size is 10ml and goes for $26. Now, the reason why I hate this is not Birchbox's fault. I've tried this, I got it in a kit that I reviewed here. And it just doesn't work for me, this is the only primer that I have tried that makes my eye shadow crease, it's sad. That's the point of primers- to prevent creasing and this one does the opposite for me, lame! Now, how could they know that I don't like this, or well that it doesn't work for me? They couldn't, so it's not really their fault.

Evologie - Intensive Blemish Serum: $1.425 0.17floz/5ml, taking the value from the price of the full size, this would be $11.66, BUT Evologie sends a sample of this and the Stay Clear Cream for $2.85 and they are both the same size as this one. Now, I don't know why Birchbox only sent one part of the duo, it would've been nice to get both, it's still a tiny sample, but oh well. I already had this, I didn't get this month's Glossybox, but I still wanted to try some products, so I ordered this from the Evologie website and paid the $2.85. They sent it super quickly and I got to try it out. The serum is not the greatest and it didn't work better than any other spot treatment, but I did like the cream, it was OK. Now again, Birchbox couldn't possibly know that I already had this, so not their fault that I got a dupe.

Value and overall review:

 The value of my box for this month is: $19.02
  I'm honestly, not happy with my Birchbox this month, out of all the 5 items, I get to use one, maybe two(the headband and nail file) and the worst part of it, is that the ones I will use are the "lifestyle extras". They couldn't have known about me trying out the Benefit and the Evologie and not liking them, so I can't blame them for that. But I have to admit even without trying them it's a really boring box! 

  I still hate the fact that some people get 6 items and some get 5, so far I've only gotten 5 and I pay the same as the rest, I think that if they are going to send 6, so just send them equally so everybody gets the same amount of points to review.

  There were so many cool products sent out this month, I guess I just got the dud. Will I unsubscribe from Birchbox after this? Nope, not at all! I know this can happen, I know I can be "hated on" by Birchbox one month and maybe surprised next, so I hope April brings better things! 

  In spite of getting a bad box, I still recommend Birchbox, it's still fun and cheap! It's nice to get a box full of goodies at your doorstep, specially when it's a surprise! This month, I didn't know what I was getting at all, so it was all a surprise, a little bit disappointing, but a surprise.

 What was your favorite product this month in your Birchbox?

If you want to subscribe to Birchbox, you can click here. Or copy and paste this link onto your navigation bar:

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money, and this is my own personal opinion :) Link is a referral link.


  1. Aaawww...What a disappointing month! Boo to that. I'm pretty bummed to hear that the Stay Don't Stray by benefit doesn't work at all, and they really should have sent the complete duo. How are you gonna really test the product if it's only one of two?
    Hopefully next month's box will be AWESOME, and that will make up for March. =0)
    visiting from Blog It Up

    1. I know really sad D: Well it has worked for some people, but definitely not for me. I know, right? I hope so too! ^^

  2. Hi , I came across your blog on a blog hop and love it . I feel like the past few months birchbox has really doped the ball . A lot of the samples i have gotten from them I myself cant use and end up giving them to friends and family . Fingers crossed this changes soon . Would love if you would stop by my page be sure to subscribe if you like the post .


    1. Hey ^^ well my last month wasn't as bad and the one before that one wasn't either, I hope you get better luck with your boxes :) Will make sure to stop by ^^

  3. I was pretty happy with my box. I thought I got a lot in 1 box. In my box I got a tube of Make primer, tube of Nick Chavez Color Saver shampoo, packet of Nick Chavez Color Saver conditioner, Make eye shadow in a dark green color(don't care for the color at all), 3 packets of Caldrea lotion(3 diff scents) and a Madwell emery board. The only thing I didn't like was the eye shadow so that's not bad for this months box. I love Birchbox. And I think you get your moneys worth. It's kind of a grab bag. You don't know what your gonna get but that's the fun of it. I hate listening to all the complainers on fb.

    1. That's a pretty good box :) I didn't like mine, but I know that wasn't Birchbox's fault, because they can't tell what items I already have tried ^^ Yeah I know their wall is horrible I avoid that place like the plague XD

  4. The twist headband is so cute (great color too!). I just posted the review of my March Birchbox on my blog too. It is the best Birchbox I've ever received :)!

    - KW

  5. I got the same box and I wasn't terribly excited about it. The twistband headband is too small for my giant head and I already had the Stay Don't Stray. I like the acne serum but I wondered why we didn't get its pair to go with it. Nice blog!

    1. You know, at first I really didn't see any difference with the acne serum, but after a few tries it does work pretty well :) Aww thank you ^^