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Thursday, February 28, 2013

NOTD: February 25th

 Sticking to the "vampy" colors, I wanted to do something with Revlon Vixen, but not just plain nail color, because I have been doing that a lot lately.

 So I decided to venture and try out Chevron nails. I thought I'd do at least one accent nail.

 I have this theory about manis that are cursed since the moment you think about doing them. Well this one was one of them. And by this I mean I'll smudge my nails all over the place over and over again without ever being done with that mani! 

 That was the case with this one, most nails were done and perfect with Revlon Vixen, but for my accent nail I decided to go with Essie Sand Tropez for contrast. I did the accent nail on my ring finger and I kept on smudging it! When it was finally dry and I was finally done with a perfect chevron, the top coat dragged the color and screwed it up! Ughh I was SO mad! But I didn't give up! At the end it wasn't as perfect as I would want it to be, but at that point I was just so tired that I would take anything.

 So as you can see, it's definitely not perfect, but you get the point. I'm OK with the color combination, but it's not my favorite. I wanted to try to do something more serious and not so colorful. Not like there's something wrong with colorful, I LOVE colorful, but I wanted a change at least for one mani.

  I did this with regular transparent tape.

All nails, but ring finger: 2 coats of Revlon's Vixen.
Ring Finger: 2 coats of Essie's Sand Tropez, "chevron" part 1 coat of Revlon's Vixen.
Top coat: Seche Vite

 I know it's not the best, it's not even close to decent, but it was this or no mani at all, so I decided to go with this. 

February Love With Food

 This was my last Love With Food box, I subscribed with a coupon from Groupon(3 months for $15). 

 I heard about a promotion from Red Trycicle's Fb and I got a coupon from them. The coupon was for a free box + $2 shipping. I used it too soon and got 2 February boxes. Oh well, at least it was a good box.

I know this is way late, but honestly at this post I'm just procrastinating. Bad bad bad! I'll try not to anymore LOL.

Such a packed box!

Nom! So many goodies!

Beanfields - Bean & Rice Chips Pico De Gallo: I absolutely loved this! If I hadn't known it didn't have corn I wouldn't be able to tell. They are super tasty, a bit salty, but then again I'm used to low sodium at this point. The bf loved this and even said it was better than Doritos(he's not a fan of Doritos). I loved these chips! Super super tasty! Nom!

Funny Face Cranberries - Choo Choo CherryI really liked this, the bf and I were confused, because it says Choo Choo Cherry and then it says: dried cranberries. I guess it's cherry flavored dried cranberries, confusing huh? Either way, super tasty! I really liked them, they are not too sweet and the flavor is amazing. Definitely cherry flavored. I might be a bit biased here, because cherries are my favorite!

Hagensbrog Truffle Pig - Peanut Butter and Milk Caramel: Nom nom chocolate, these were OK. Just regular chocolate, nothing super special and different about them, but tasty!

Donsuemor - Chocolate Madelines: So good! Not super sweet or with a super strong flavor, just a really tasty chocolate flavor.

Millies Savory Teas - Tomato Basil: OK, this is soup! But soup flavored tea? Haha I've never really  tried something like this, but basically it's powdered soup in a tea bag, just add water and you get a really tasty broth, perfect for the winter! At first, I thought this needed a bit of salt, but after drinking it for a while it was just perfect, really tasty broth! Definitely something that would come in handy for a quick snack at work!

Bobbysue's Nuts: Super tasty nuts!Sweet, but not too sweet and crunchy, but not too crunchy. These nuts were actually pretty tasty.

Jer's Squares: Another chocolate, which is something I'm totally cool with, I love chocolates! This chocolate was tasty, again- nothing that would just blow my mind, but tasty.

Nektar - Honey Crystals: I didn't try this out, because I personally don't really like honey all that much. But the bf's dad tried it out and he said it was OK, but it didn't really taste like real honey.

 This was a pretty cool box, of course I say this because of all the chocolate, I'm not going to really miss Love with Food. It's an OK subscription, but nothing I really feel like I "need". If I want to try out a different kind of snack, I can just pick it up at the grocery store. This introduced me to new products, but nothing that I felt like was super different and exotic. 

 Love with Food is a good subscription if you want different snacks to take the work or something like that. But for me, it's not out of this world special. 

 Also, one little thing I was NOT happy about. I don't like when companies don't have a phone number and only have an email as a way of contacting them. Well, I had some questions for them and sent 2 different emails about them. It's been over month so far, no reply STILL! That does not make me happy, actually it kinda makes me afraid that if I had a problem with the subscription, nobody would actually do a thing.

 If you want to subscribe to Love with Food, you can click here. Or copy and paste this link onto your navigation bar:
Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money, and this is my own personal opinion :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 10th weekend "shopping"

 I looked up a bunch of Revlon Polish swatches and made up my little Revlon Wishlist. On the top of my list I had: Girly and Heavenly. 

  When the bf's dad told me he was going to Walmart I decided to tag along to pick them up! 

Heavenly is the one on the left and I used it for this look:

Girly is the one on the right and I used it for this look:

Aren't they super cute?

NOTD: February 19th

 I needed to take advantage of my gorgeous dark colours before the winter is over! So I went for a super vampy dark grape color. I'm so super in love with this polish.

Borghese Carnevale Grape swatch

Borghese Carnevale Grape swatch

Borghese Carnevale Grape swatch

Borghese Carnevale Grape swatch

 That's 2 coats of Borghese Carnevale Grape, under one coat of Seche Vite. I got some shrinkage close to my cuticle, which also happened with my Chanel Le Vernis. I can't recall if I let this dry and then applied SV and maybe that's why I got shrinkage, but for sure the Chanel one was dry when I applied SV, so it makes sense. 

 I'd say the real color is a mix between the last two pictures, it looks really dark by itself, almost black, but with light it looks like this really dark purple with a bunch of red, I loved it!

 I absolutely loved this polish, I loved it so much I wore it for like 4 days in a row! Such a gorgeous color! 

 I don't think you will be able to find this shade anywhere, but maybe Amazon or Ebay, because Borghese's nail polishes are discontinued.

Monday, February 25, 2013

NOTD: February 17th

 I had to use my new nail polish ASAP, of course, so I didn't wait and went ahead and tried it out! (I'm talking about the bf's Valentine's day present).

Chanel Le Vernis 513 Black Pearl swatch

Chanel Le Vernis 513 Black Pearl swatch

Chanel Le Vernis 513 Black Pearl swatch
 2 coats of Chanel Le Vernis 513 Black Pearl, under 1 coat of Seche Vite. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm in love!

Valentine's day present

 I'm super picky, so for Valentine's day I wrote down a list of things I might want for the bf to get me. 

 One of the things in there was a Chanel Le Vernis, any shade he would want to get me.

 When Valentine's day came, guess what I got? My first Le Vernis <3 yay!

 <3 He's the sweetest!!

 The color he picked was 513 Black Pearl, because he said it was the most original one. I'm super happy with my present, swatches and pictures coming up in a sec!

What did you get for Valentine's day?

Friday, February 22, 2013

NOTD: February 16th

 I was removing polish and I realized my nails were looking amazing! Now, I'm not bragging here, this is a personal victory. My nails had been super unhealthy before, they would flake and they wouldn't grow. They were super weak! Now they have grown a bit and are super hard and strong! I'm so happy and thought I'd share my little victory!

 I'm only wearing the Oxygen Nail Treatment from Julep in the picture. The products I've been using religiously to try to improve my nails are Nailtiques Formula 2 and Oxygen Treatment. Also I take Centrum Women Under 50 and Black Currant Seed Oil. I always try to remember to pay attention to my cuticles when I apply moisturizer to my hands.

 This is what has worked for me so far, I can't tell if it will work for anyone else, but it has worked for me. I'm super happy with my nails, my left hand (pictured) is at a better place than my right one, but I'm sure the right one will get better soon!

 I don't hate short nails, I actually like them, but I just wanted mine to grow a bit.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

BzzAgent Schick Hydro Silk Razor

 If you don't know what BzzAgent is, you can find the explanation here.

 I got into this campaign, probably the day after I got into the Glade one. I was super excited, because this will be my first "beauty related" campaign.

 When I'm back in Costa Rica I usually wax, because I have a lady that does my waxing and she's amazing. She doesn't use bands or anything, just the wax itself. Since I'm not there I have to shave. I have another Schick Razor that I've been using, it's the Intuitions Naturals Sensitive Care. And it's OK, but the moisturizing bar runs out after a couple uses and it runs out uneven which is the worst part. Also, it doesn't give me the most precise shave and there are always a few hairs left.

 When I got this razor, I didn't think I would be impressed. You know how so many products promise so many things and they just end up being lies? I hate when companies do that! They do it a lot with mascaras. 

  So, I thought all the promises from Schick were BS too. Boy, was I surprised! They recommend using this with a shaving cream/foam, anything that helps the shave. I didn't use anything, but the moisturizing serum. You just have to let some water hit the razor for a bit and it will be activated. It does feel serum-like, a bit gooey, but it lets the razor glide perfectly on your skin. 

 Now, let me give you a little background, before shaving I didn't apply moisturizer for 3 days, not for any particular reason, just because I'm lazy!(There, I said it!)

 So, moisturizing after shaving had to be a must. This razor promises to keep your skin moisturized for over 2 hours after shaving. And I decided to test that out. Not applying moisturizer after shaving is a capital sin for me, but I did it. And actually, my skin did feel super smooth after shaving (also, it's still winter for me).

  Since it is indeed still winter, I get goosebumps all the time, because, well because it's cold! Getting goosebumps after shaving, usually hurts my skin, like seriously, it hurts! And it gets super irritated sometimes after shaving too. This time I got painless goosebumps and no irritation at all!

 Also, unlike my previous razor, this one didn't miss a single hair, which is a great thing in my book. Nothing like being done shaving, out of the shower, ready to go and finding that damn hair that didn't want to be shaved and escaped the razor!! Ughhh, that makes me so mad! So glad it didn't happen this time.

 This razor gave me the closest cut, I've ever gotten from a razor. No irritation at all, left my legs feeling super soft and it just glides on my skin. And I know this might not be something important for a lot of people, but it comes with a bathroom wall thingie(tato, rephrase that, thank you), so I can just leave it sitting suctioned to the wall(that's important for dropsy!). 

  I feel a little bad, because when I got my previous razor, I got a bunch of replacement cartridges, but since I got this one I don't want to use the other one again! LOL! 

 I honestly really liked this razor, which is surprising, because my relationship with razors is not the best! I definitely recommend trying it out!

 Also, BzzAgent included coupons for $5 off a razor(comes with 2 cartridges) and they retail for around $5, so basically half off. I might hoard these, kidding! I'll pass them around, but might keep one O.O

Disclaimer: This was sent to me for free by BzzAgent to review, I am not getting anything for giving a positive review or a negative review, this is my own personal opinion ^^ I didn't "love this" because that will make for a good review, I loved this, because I actually liked it :)

NOTD: February 14th(Valentine's Day Look)

  I was planning to upload this before Valentine's day, but well stuff happened. Nothing concerning me, but the bf and since we are attached at the hip it affects me LMAO.

 I wanted to do something special I guess, not just one plain color.

 I decided I would do an accent nail and some glitter over a cute pink.

This is the first version, 3 coats of Revlon Pink Lingerie, 1 coat of Revlon Heavenly, "heart" on the accent nail made with Wet n Wild Fergalicious.And of course Seche Vite as the top coat.

Close up:

The glitter kinda sunk in, which I thought was super weird. The bf was making fun of me saying it looked like cheese! LMAO! It did look a bit nasty. *sad face* This was my first time trying out Heavenly, I hope it doesn't do the same with other polishes!

The bf said I should do another heart, so this is the second version I guess:

I made the smaller heart with Nailitini Bloody Mary (from Ipsy's January bag).

 Close Up:

 I like both. Which one do you like more? :) 

Quick Update!

 It's been a hectic week and I haven't had time to sit down and write posts, but I will do that today and get back to posting! I have a few NOTD to post and review my Love With Food and my Beauty Army! I'll try to do that ASAP! :) Hope everybody is having an amazing week and wish you have an awesome weekend!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

February Ipsy Glam Bag Review+Swatches

 This month's Ipsy bag was kind of a "meh" month when I saw the spoilers. But to be honest I didn't hate it that much after I got it and tried some of the things I got.

 I know this post is way late, but I didn't get my box as fast as some of the others did, which is totally fine, because Valentine's day was last week, so a lot of shipments were delayed.

 I got my box on Friday and got to try all of the products during the weekend. 

 I really liked this month's baggie! It's cute :) I hope they start sending baggies with patterns though.

Red Carpet Ready was this month's "theme".

Doesn't look too exciting, right?

Pixi – Flawless & Poreless Primer(15ml/0.5 floz): $14.50, full size is 30ml/1.01floz and goes for $29. This went on smooth on my face, it felt nice on the skin. I didn't see any difference regarding the size of my pores, it just worked like any other primer. Nothing bad, but nothing special either. It dries really quick and makes my skin feel really smooth and soft.

Mica Beauty Cosmetics – Gel Eyeliner: Full size $30. This liner is really pigmented and it just glides on my lid. I love applying liner with an angled liner brush(this one), it gives me so much precision and I can apply it so close to my lash line! This wore amazing even through tears, didn't move an inch, not even on the waterline! It's amazing, for upper lash line, bottom lash line and waterline.


Sorry about how messy it looks, did it in a hurry!

Lash Card(4):  $5.72, full size has 10 Lash Cards and goes for $6.99. Meh! That's all I can say, I didn't even use the ones I got from Ipsy, because I had an old pack from Beauty Army. As you can see on the package it says it prevents smudging and clumping, well clumping is not prevented at all and well about the smudging, it may prevent it, but I think it's way easier to just be careful while applying mascara.  A good use, instead of an aid to apply mascara, is to use it to prevent eye shadow falling all over your face! Also, you can use one as a template and use a thicker paper, like business cards and make a bunch of them. Not worth the money in my opinion.

Pop Beauty – Smokey Lash Kapow!!!(0.17oz/4.8g): $12.58, full size is 0.25oz and goes for $18.50. This mascara promises to give volume and length without clumping or flaking. It didn't add a lot of volume or length to my lashes. By this I don't mean it didn't add any at all, I'm just saying that I've had better. I saw a lot of people over on MakeupTalk complaining about getting raccoon eyes from this mascara, but I didn't. This wore great throughout the day for me, no raccoon eyes and no flaking at all. Again, I cried while wearing this and it behaved amazingly! I don't love this mascara, to be honest. It does have it's pros though, you can definitely build it up and it won't clump too much or not at all. I would recommend this if you are not looking for a lot of volume, but still want a bit of drama. I love volume for my lashes, so this is not for me.

I'm wearing about 3 coats of POP Beauty Lash Kapow!!! In this picture. I didn't apply more, because I didn't want a super dramatic look.

Coastal Scents – Eye Shadow Sample Set in Glitz & Glamour(2g/0.07oz for the quad): $3.06, full size of each eye shadow is 1.3g and goes for $1.99(All four would be $7.96 for 5.2g). The shadows in this quad are(From left to right, top to bottom): Ashen, Incognito, Gunmetal and Candlelight (I was holding the quad upside down when I took the picture LOL). All of these shades have a bit of fall out, but nothing that makes it impossible to work with. The lighter shades (Ashen and Candlelight) are really creamy and shimmery, really pretty shades. The dark ones(Incognito and Gunmetal) are not as creamy, but still really pretty. They all are really pigmented and it's super easy to create a look with. I love this quad, but I think I would have loved either one of the quads being sent out.

Swatches(with no primer): 

Coastal Scent – Eye Shadow Sample Set in Glitz & GlamourCoastal Scent – Eye Shadow Sample Set in Glitz & Glamour
Coastal Scent – Eye Shadow Sample Set in Glitz & Glamour

Look- wearing the liner, shadows and mascara:

I applied Candlelight to the brow bone and inner corner, Ashen to my lid and blended Gunmetal on top of Incognito on my crease. The liner is not super black and dramatic, because I didn't want a super dramatic look. The waterline is not the Mica Beauty one, but the upper lash one is.

Value and review:

 The value of my box this month is: $65.86. Pretty gewd for me! Considering the bag is $10/month.

  Things I liked: I loved the Coastal Scents quad, I have an 88 palette and this might be before they change the formulation of their eye shadows, but most of the shades are not pigmented at all. I liked the Mica Beauty liner a lot, it's really easy to work with it, it's really pigmented and wears great throughout the day. I liked the Pixi primer. It's nothing special, but it does make my skin feel super soft.

  Things I didn't like or didn't "love": I hate Lash Cards. I think it's way overpriced for what it is at the end of the day, it's a piece of carton or paper, what ever. I wasn't surprised by the mascara, it's OK, but nothing different or special, there are better mascaras out there.

 I still love my Ipsy subscription, I think it's worth it and really fun to get it every month.

If you want to subscribe to Ipsy, you can click here. Or copy and paste this link onto your navigation bar:

What was your favorite product in this month's Ipsy bag?

 Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money, and this is my own personal opinion :)