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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Julep + swatches!

 I was so excited when I saw the colors for Julep this month, I just couldn't decide what to get. So, I did it again, I got the whole wardrobe! I'm so excited! There's only one color that is kinda meh...but the rest are gorgeous!!

 I didn't get a tracking email from Julep and I was so scared thinking I wouldn't get my box in time! But, it came, on Saturday, but that day I was heading over to a local anime convention with the bf. I'm not really into that stuff, I don't judge or look down on anyone, but the bf likes it, so we went there and had a good time. It was super cold though! Anyways, back to Julep, I didn't get to try anything out, so I just took the lip balm and put it in my pocket...more on this below on the lip balm review.

Gorgeous packaging as usual!

Loved the color combination for the pack of polish! Then again, I wuvs purple!

Minnie: Regular Price: $14/Maven Price: $11.20. It's a warm pastel pink opalescent shimmer. This color is gorgeous in theory, but the "opalescent shimmer" part doesn't really show up on your nails. Also, it's a bit thick and not too easy to work with, but besides that, the color is really pretty. It looks really girly and really Barbie-esque. 

2 coats under natural light, it's a bit more pink than how it looks in the picture.

 Julep Minnie swatch

 Leila: Regular Price: $14/Maven Price: $11.20. This is a lemon yellow opalescent shimmer. The shimmer is definitely easier to spot in this polish. It's really pretty, sadly the swatch picture couldn't capture the color true to life, my camera takes off all the blue in pictures most of the time, so I couldn't really show the color as it looks in real life, but it's close.

2 coats, natural light, I'd say the color is a mix of both pictures.

Julep Leila swatch
Julep Leila swatch

 Simone: Regular Price: $14/Maven Price: $11.20. Soft pastel lilac opalescent shimmer. Such a pretty color! I die! It's purple!! It's a really pinkish purple though, still super pretty. The shimmer doesn't show in the picture, but I can definitely see it in the swatch.

2 coats, natural light. The real shade has more pink than purple, still pretty!
Julep Simone
Julep Simone swatch

Joy: Regular Price: $14/Maven Price: $11.20. Smokey mauve crème. Gorgeous color! It's definitely not something that I would buy by myself, but that's what I love about the subs, stepping out of your comfort zone! If done carefully this can be a one coat wonder!

2 coats, picture taken under natural light.

Julep Joy swatch
Julep Joy swatch

Shenae: Regular Price: $14/Maven Price: $11.20. Pastel mint green opalescent shimmer. This guy is right in between blue and green, it's so pretty. Sadly, the opalescent effect doesn't really show much on nails.

2 coats under natural light.
Julep Shenae swatch

Debra: Regular Price: $14/Maven Price: $11.20. Smoky taupe crème. This guy is the one I said I don't "love" much, but it's fine, I'm sure I will wear it. It's a really pretty color, I'm just more of a colorful shades type of gal!

2 coats, natural light.

Julep Debra swatch

 Adrianna: Regular Price: $14/Maven Price: $11.20. Smoky pistachio crème. This is a gorgeous green, sadly my camera makes it look yellow, so not close! I love this color, it's so delicate and pretty, it's an amazing pastel green.

2 coats, natural light.

Julep Adrianna swatch

Teri: Regular Price: $14/Maven Price: $11.20. Tropical coral pink crème. This color is pretty, I have a bunch of corals already, but the quality on them is not the greatest. I hope this one is different.

2 coats, natural light.

Julep Teri swatch

 Julep - Straberry-Mint Lip Balm: First of all, can't link to anything, since apparently they don't have this in their store. I will say that probably the price will round the $4 mark for Maven's. That is an estimate based on the price of their other lip balm. This was the first thing I tried out, as I said in the beginning of the post. It's OK, one thing I didn't like though is that is a little bit too soft. I don't know if you get what I mean, but it melts really easily. I had it in my pocket and when I went to use it, it was really melted. Not the whole thing, but at least the top of it was, as melted as another lip balm I had after circling around in the dryer...Oops! I like the scent, but it's a bit too intense. I think a softer, not so obvious scent would have been better. Overall, it's just another lip balm, nothing impressive.

 Rock Star Hand Crème: Regular Price: $20/Maven Price: $16. First thing I like about this hand crème- is that it doesn't leave an oily residue on my hands, that's always a plus. I loved the scent at first, but now I feel like it might be a bit over powering for my taste, meaning it might potentially give me a headache, which is never good. I don't like the cap design, I think product might dry out and get stuck in there, let's just hope that doesn't happen. The cap is a twist cap with a small hole in the middle for dispensing product. There is no flap over it to cover the opening, so some product may get dry and caked inside. I do like this product though, I just don't love the container or the scent too much. I do feel like it does it's job and moisturizes my hands, without making them greasy.
Update: I wrote this last night and as I was writing I applied this hand cream...I got super dizzy, I felt sick, this definitely has a scent that is way too over powering and lingers on for way too long! It's not a bad scent, it's just too much. I felt so nauseous and so sick! I definitely won't be able to use this lotion, which is really sad because I actually like it. If you are sensitive to scents/smells, this might be a problem for you. I hope it's not and I'm just too much of a PITA ^^ .

Glycolic Hand Scrub: Regular Price: $23/Maven Price: $18.40. I used this yesterday and I didn't feel a major difference. That might be because I had just used a scrub on my feet, which I rub in with my hands, so I guess my hands were already scrubbed from that. However, I do love the scent of this, it's really refreshing. I guess this will work, because it is a scrub and it does have scrubby thingies(things that scrub, sorry technical lingo, you know!LOL). I love the scent, which means I'll likely love the product. The price, I don't love so much, then again, I don't like the price of most Julep products since I think they are a bit overpriced.

Value and overall review:

Paid: $49.99 for full wardrobe.
Value for Mavens: $128
Value for non subscribers: $161

 I love the colors I got this month, I don't love the formula though. One coat takes ages to dry. After 40 minutes, it was still tacky, which is odd for Julep polishes. Also, some of these are streaky and end up looking clumpy. I wish the formula was like last month's, but as opaque as these are and of course without changing the shades. C'mon Julep, you can do better!!

 The colors didn't disappoint me, I absolutely love them, but the formula is not the greatest. Will that stop me from using them? Nope, not for a minute, it might just give me headaches and piss me off, but I'll still try because they are just so pretty.

 I've been subscribed to Julep for 5 months and so far this is the only thing I could actually complain about. Overall I absolutely love this subscription and plan on keeping it for a while. I don't see myself canceling any time soon!

 As for the products, they are OK. I needed a hand crème and didn't have a hand scrub, so that works for me, I'll just try to live with the smell...(that sounds gross!). The lip balm will be used because my lips dry like crazy, but it's definitely not my favorite. It's just too soft!

  If you want to subscribe to Julep, you can click here or copy and paste this link on your navigation bar:
Which was your favorite for this month's Julep box?

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money, and this is my own personal opinion :) Link is a referral link.


  1. Aaahhh!!! You got ALL the colors. You lucky, lucky lady! I'm liking that minty blue-green color, Shenae - too bad the opalescent effect doesn't really show, then it would be perfect!
    Great review. I'm your newest GFC follower, visiting from Blog It Up.

    1. Haha yeah I did, I just couldn't make up my mind! I love Shenae, it's gorgeous, but really finicky, I'll post my NOTD with it later on today, so you can see it on actual nails ^^
      Thank you ^^ and thank you for following it too ^^ I also joined your G+ community ^^