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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Things I'm using Petroleum Jelly for

 As you may know by now, Petroleum Jelly has lots of uses! Currently I'm using it for several things. But, before I get to that, some useful things to do with Petroleum Jelly :

  • Moisturizer. Petroleum jelly is non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog your pores.
  • Softens your cuticles.
  • Use it as a mask around your hairline to avoid your skin getting stained while dying your hair.
  • Apply to dry ends to prevent split ends.
  • Make up remover.
  • Apply around your nail to prevent nail polish from getting on your fingers. Also apply it around the neck of your nail polishes so they don't get stuck to the caps.
  • Scrunch it trough your hair for a scrunched beach look.
  • Put some on your skin before using perfume and it will last longer.

 There are tons of other uses for it, but those are the ones I thought would be more useful. Now the 4 things I'm using Petroleum Jelly for are: 

Eyelash conditioner:

 I've been applying PJ(Petroleum Jelly) to my eyelashes for about 3 weeks now, I just grab a bit of PJ warm it up a bit between my fingers by rubbing them together and apply it to my eyelashes. 

Here are some pictures of my eyelashes when I started applying PJ: 

After applying PJ:

 Update: I do notice a difference, it's tiny, but then again it's not like your lashes will grow 5''! I'm happy with the results and will continue doing this. I've stopped for a while cuz I'm trying out Lash'em that I got in my October Beauty Army box.

 I will be updating this post about a month from now to compare the pictures and see if there's any difference. This is supposed to make my eyelashes grow and I will be super happy if it does work. In the mean time, I will continue applying it around my eyes on top of my eye cream . The skin around my eyes became softer than before, which is always good.

Foot Skin softener:

 Apply this to your feet every night before going to bed, this has done wonders for me, I can really tell the difference after doing this daily ( along with scrubbing of course). Scrub your feet (once a week or so) to get rid of dead cells, warm up some PJ in your hands, rub it on your feet, put socks on and go to sleep. Its better to wear thicker socks so you don't stain your floors, my socks are the from the "Dr. Scholl's Spa Collection", the socks are also really comfy, that's always a good thing. You will wake up with softer feet, I swear, it works wonders! But don't forget to scrub your feet as well, if you don't it will be harder for the PJ to penetrate your skin.

 Dry knees and elbows:

 Apply some PJ to your knees and elbows before going to sleep, once again I warm it up a bit in my hands before applying. It does work, my knees and elbows are never dry!

Hand moisturizer:

 I haven't bought my hand moisturizer in a while, and noticed my hands were drying badly! To fix it, I rub a nice amount of pj on my hands every night before going to sleep. Without using any moisturizer during the day, my hands feel as soft as when I apply one throughout the day.

 Most PJ will work for any of these options, the one I'm using right now is Vaseline with Cocoa Butter.

Hope this post was useful for you, I definitely recommend this as an alternative for all the options listed before, its a great and really affordable product.


Vaseline: , any drugstore or supermarket should carry it and it's cheap.
Dr. School's socks: you can also find these at Walmart.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The wait!


I think I have fallen for all this beauty box craziness! so many boxes I want! but sadly cant have them all! Oh well,but I've heard really good things about the 3 I did get...which are Julep Maven,Beauty Army and New Beauty Test Tube!

Julep Maven:

  It's a monthly subscription service that gives you(depending on your profile): 2 nail polishes with unique colors that haven't been released yet and another product(if you are: American Beauty, Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam, and Bombshell), or 3 nail polishes(if you are It Girl), all valued at $40. Also with your subscription you get 20% off of every purchase in Julep Maven Boutique.

  All of that for $19.99 a month(always free shipping). Another really great thing, if you don't want your box for that month, you can either skip a month, send your subscription to someone else or just try a new style for that month. From time to time they have mystery boxes out for the same price as the regular monthly subscription($19.99), you can pick if you want a box with mostly nail polishes or a box of products, these boxes are valued at $60 and some lucky ones will get the $200 one).

 I've seen the variety of nail polishes they have on their website and watched tons of reviews on this service, their colors are really cute(I'm just so excited to try them), the quality of their nail polishes is good and not only that, but their other products are well reviewed . Another  great thing I've heard is that they have really good customer service(always useful).

   So all together this sounds like a service I will definitely enjoy and I really am looking forward to get all my boxes, I subscribed with a promo code(PENNY or color2012) that gets you the first box for a penny!

 Right now I'm waiting for my introductory box (Classic with a Twist profile) and a mystery box! I picked "Product Lover",  I love nail polish but I'm still dying to try some of the other products they may have. I'm so excited to get my hands on both!!

Subscribe to Julep:


Beauty Army:

This is another monthly subscription service that lets you choose up to 6 luxury beauty samples for $12 and also some full size products, your samples will be based on your beauty profile and then you will be able to grab 6 samples out of 9 listed. Their products could be: make up, hair care, skin care, body, fragrance, nails and men's samples.

 I've seen several you tube videos and read reviews about this service, the products seem to be good quality products and its definitely worth the money. One awesome experience I personally had with their customer service made me really happy I picked them, I sent an e-mail about a billing error I was having and they replied right away letting me know it was just an error and everything went through fine. I was just blown away by their efficiency! 

Same as with Julep if you don't want your box for the month you can just skip the month and you can cancel anytime.

I should be getting my September(I think) box in the next week or so, I'm super excited to get my hands on it, I'm glad I picked this service, not only because of the reviews, but their customer service really made me happy. 

This are the samples I picked for my first box:


Subscribe to Beauty Army:


NewBeauty TestTube:

  Created by New Beauty magazine,this service will get you deluxe samples and full sized products every 3 months for $29.95 + $8.95 shipping, after reading a lot of reviews and watching a lot of videos, it was so hard to resist subscribing to this service, but I finally gave in and did it. 

The products they feature have amazing reviews and are totally worth the money you pay for it, products have a real value of $150(according to their website), with your "tube" you also get the New Beauty magazine.

 I ordered my TestTube some days ago and they said my first one will ship within the next 3 - 4 weeks. Can't wait! I'm really looking forward to get it, all the reviews about this service and the products are just amazing.

 There's another option for the TestTube, which is the QVC NewBeauty TestTube, it goes for $29.96 + $6.97 (+ tax) and includes products usually from brands featured sold on the site.  

Subscribe to Test Tube:

 As you could tell by now I'm really looking forward to get all my boxes, once i do I'll be posting pictures of what i get and product reviews.