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Thursday, December 20, 2012

December's Glossybox Review

 Glossybox is a beauty related subscription service, present in over 15 countries, that provides you with 5 deluxe sized samples each month. There are 4 different payment options: 
  • Monthly: $21 a month + free shipping.
  • 3 month subscription: $60 + free shipping.
  • 6 month subscription: $115 + free shipping.
  • 12 month subscription: $220  + free shipping.
 I got...neither one of those. I'm getting these boxes(cuz I grabbed two) this month, cuz I got it with a 40% discount from black friday, so it ended up being $13.48. I also grabbed a gift box(that I gifted to myself), which ended up costing $10.70 with some discount code and a promo. I would have stayed subscribed if this was the regular price, heck even if it was $15 a month I'd stay subscribed. Right now my plan is to cancel and not cuz I don't like the products, but for other reasons that I'll talk about in a bit.

 I was a good girl and I didn't look at any spoilers, somewhere I read someone talking about rings and that got me a bit scared. I'm a size 9 for rings and that's on my ring finger, so I was a bit sad thinking what ever I get won't fit. Then again, by mistake, I read someone got earrings, I'm allergic to anything, but gold and palladium and of course they won't be sending either. Then someone said they got a bracelet and then someone else said they got a necklace. There was hope! That made me excited, the hope that at the end of the day I might get something I could actually wear. There's something, in my really humble opinion, I think they should've asked customers is their ring size. It's not Glossybox's fault that I'm allergic to...well almost everything when it comes to earrings, but they could help it whether I can wear the ring they send or not.

   Anyways, onto my box, I was super excited when I got it this morning, well afternoon. Our mail lady always gets here at like 3 when the sun is almost gone and I have to hurry if I want to get any "sun light" to take a picture. Yes, "sun light" cuz I haven't seen the sun in such a long time, it's not even funny. I'm in upstate New York and lately the weather has been horrible up here, it hasn't snowed, but there's no sun. Oh my! How I miss the sunny days in my always-sunny-always-summer Costa Rica. *sad face*

The box came with Glossybox's own little magazine, which talks about latest trends from the runway and some other topics. Speaking of which, I'm a huge fan of power lips! Love some fierce lips! Also the box itself is pale pink and is really sturdy, definitely a keeper!

Gorgeous xmas themed wrapping. I'm missing xmas. My bf's house is not decorated, there's not even a tree here :'( it's sad. I miss my family's cooking: chocolate chips, tamales(hispanic thing), Stollen(german traditional cake) and regular xmas cake. Oh well, guess I'll have to do some baking!

This box looks really packed. It did not seem amazing at first glance though.

*Sigh* earrings I won't be able to wear.

Forest Essentials –Luxurious Ayurveda Bath & Shower Oil 100ml: $10.71, full size is $21.42 for 200ml. I like the idea of a shower oil, but I'm so picky when it comes to scents and this one is a bit too overwhelming for me. I'll be either trading it or giving it away as a present. Either way I'm sure whoever gets it will enjoy it.

Oscar Blandi –Pronto Dry Heat Protect Spray 21.3g/.75oz:  $4.34 , full size is $23 for 113g/4oz. I'm excited to try this out, if I feel like straightening my hair. My hair is wavy with a bit of curl and most of the time I just love wearing it as is.

Heartland FragranceCo. -  Bath Salts in White Ginger 5.5oz: $1.83, full size is $10 for 30g. The smell on this is really really intense, so I will probably trade it off or give it away as a present.

Ecru New York - Cosmetic Hair Care Acacia Protein Oil: 1 ml/0.03fl oz, full size is 50ml and goes for $30. This was just a little extra, I love trying new hair oils, so I can't wait to try this one.

Zoya – Nail Polish in Storm: Full size, $6. This is the item I loved the most. I actually have never tried Zoya and I loved the color I got. Sadly I got the same color in both boxes, but oh well, I'll trade or give away the extra. This color is amazing for the holidays, but also a great color for a night out, love it!

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake: This is another little extra, love the fact that it's actually a small spray bottle.

Jewelmint - Earrings: $29. I got these earrings in one of the boxes, they are cute, but sadly I can't wear them, or my ears will suffer. Luckily a girl that got 2 of the same necklace contacted me and I will trade them with her. I'm glad I got something out of this, yay!

Jewelmint - Ring: $29. I got this ring in the other box and I was shocked when I put it on cuz, it fits! I love it, it's super cute and I'm not really a ring person, so for me to be in love with this ring really means a lot. I couldn't find this ring or the earrings on the Jewelmint website, I looked everywhere, my guess is that it's sold out.

Box's Value and Final Thoughts:

  The value of my box(either one) is $51.88, which is good even if I would've paid full price for it($21). The value, for me personally is still worth the money, cuz the two items I actually liked (ring/earrings and nail polish) add up to $35, which still covers for more than the full price of the box.
 However, I won't keep my Glossybox subscription, not cuz the products are bad, cuz they're not, they are great products, but just not for me. Mainly, it's cuz I've been hearing lots of customer service horror stories. Being a former customer service agent(and probably will be again when I go back to work), this is something that really matters to me. I don't like dealing with companies that  have bad customer service, cuz in the long run that might cause really bad problems for you and the company.
I'd rather end my relationship with Glossybox on a happy note, and if I hear later on that their customer service improved, then I might resubscribe. 
I'm a little upset that both boxes were exactly the same, but I guess I can't complain. It's a random thing, some people got a lipstick instead of the Oscar Blandi product, and I wish I would've gotten that in at least one of the boxes. Then again, oh well, it's random.
I think Glossybox is definitely worth it, however subscribe, but consider risk, the fact that some people have had bad customer service experiences, does not mean that you will, but then again, you might.
I hope you liked my review and sorry for rambling off so much today, I guess I had lots to say.
What was your favorite product in this month's Glossybox?
If you want to subscribe to Glossybox, you can click here. Or copy and paste this link in your navigation toolbar:

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money, and this is my own personal opinion :)  


  1. That ring is so cute!

    I was worried, too...I also wear a size 9 ring, so I was worried I'd get a tiny one, and my ears are sensitive and I have pretty much NO earlobes, so I can't do large earrings...luckily I got a cute necklace. I haven't gotten my 2nd box yet, so I am interested to see what I eget in that one...

    1. I know right? I love it so much, I don't get out much and I have it on my desk and put on and take it off every 5mins lol I hope you don't get the same stuff in both of your boxes like I did :(